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The City of Cleveland enacted its Income Tax Ordinance No. 2393-66 in 1966.

This ordinance contained a provision giving the administrator the authority to enter into agreements on behalf of the City with any other municipal corporation for administering the income tax laws of that municipal corporation as its agent and for providing a central collection facility on behalf of that municipality.

From the very beginning this mechanism was used to provide a central collection facility.

On January 1, 1967 the Agency started with fourteen member communities and collected approximately eighteen million dollars the first year. During the period from 1967 until 1971 the Agency grew to sixty-three municipalities and collections of nearly sixty-six million dollars a year. All communities were sharing the tax on a seventy-five to twenty-five percent basis under a reciprocity agreement. During 1971, in an effort to increase their tax revenues, several municipalities began canceling the reciprocity agreements.

When Cleveland canceled its agreement, forty-one member communities left the Agency. After negotiating a new contract, twenty-two municipalities stayed with Cleveland and formed the framework for the current organization.

Over the years the Agency has gone from manually processing tax returns to using computer technology that ensures the accuracy of each return. The Agency developed the Municipal Income Tax Information System (MITIS™) for tax administration and is running MITIS™ today.

In February 2005 the Agency moved from its longtime location on Lakeside Avenue to its current address on West Saint Clair Avenue in downtown Cleveland. The Central Collection Agency today has grown to over fifty member communities and collects over four hundred million dollars on an annual basis.

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